Essay Topic

Deciding on an essay topic was fairly easy for me. The topic I have chosen, I found had the greatest responses from other students in the lecture, and their responses to this question really got me thinking!

The topic I have chosen is:
“What is communication? Do whales communicate? Do birds? Do atoms? Does DNA communicate? What would you suggest as the limits to communication? When does a failure of human communication occur?”

Throughout the lecture, I really got thinking and found it really interesting finding out peoples experiences with communicating with animals, or how other species communicate with one another, like a bee and a flower. I will thoroughly enjoy researching this topic!

Pros and Cons of Censorship

After looking at multiple websites I was undecided on my thoughts as to whether it was a positive or negative on internet censorship. So I researched positives and negatives of censorship on the internet and this is the list that I found:

“Pros of Censorship
• Censorship of pornographic material prevents the corrupting of the children.
• Religious conflicts are avoided by the censorship of material deemed insulting or offensive to a particular religious community.
• Censorship is necessary to preserve the secrets of a nation.
• Censorship is useful in hiding sensitive military information, which could be used by an enemy state.
• Scenes of people consuming alcohol or smoking influence people to copy them. Hence censoring such scenes serves a useful purpose.
• People may copy dangerous stunts shown on TV or movies. Censorship proves necessary here.
• Books may be used to portray wrong information about individuals or groups that could incite violence against them. Censorship would definitely prove helpful here.
• It can be used to prevent politically motivated propaganda.
• It protects the privacy of people.
• Plagiarism is prevented.
• Abusive scenes in movies may offend some people. Censorship prevents that.
• It protects indigenous cultures from the bad influence of foreign cultures.
• It prevents the public display of disrespect to any particular individual or community.
• It prevents companies from spreading inaccurate or grossly exaggerated claims about their products.
• It promotes political correctness.
• Terrorists are prevented from learning about dangerous technology like the atom bomb.
• Children are prevented from learning things that could harm them and others.
• It prevents the ill effects of globalization affecting societies.
• It shields the morals of society.
• It restrains vulgarity and obscenity.
• The surfeit of violence in movies and TV is restricted by it.
• It prevents violence by stopping the broadcast of events, which might trigger it.

Cons of Censorship
• If sex-related topics are completely censored it becomes difficult to teach children and teenagers about the dangers of HIV/AIDS.
• Dictators and dictatorship use it to promote a flattering image of themselves and for removing any information that is negative to them.
• Freedom of speech is compromised.
• Religious fundamentalists like the Taliban use them to coerce the population.
• It encroaches upon the freedom of the press.
• It prevents the free flow of ideas.
• It may intrude on the privacy of a person.
• Withholding of information only leads to ignorance in the society.
• Censoring of information may lead to a wrong image perceived by the public.
• It is generally associated with dictatorship.
• Censorship in books, plays and movies may compromise their entertainment value.
• Censorship has been misused in the past.
• It is a force against globalization.
• It works against creativity.
• If you hide something from people they will become extra curious about it.
• It has no place in a truly democratic society.
• It gives rise to and hides human rights abuses.
• It is used to control people.
• There can be different standards of morals among different societies quite different from the imposed ones by the censorship.
• It may be used to block legitimate criticism.
• Governments should not control people. It should be the other way around.
• Individuals have different tastes.
• It stifles the opposition, broadcasting only a particular point of view.
• People have a right to know.”

I agree with the majority of the lists. I strongly believe in protecting people’s privacy and looking out for people’s best interest. That’s why I feel as though internet censorship is a positive however, I still feel as though Freedom of Speech is important. So I still sit on the fence, it’s a tricky discussion topic as there are so many valid points.

Answers Corporation 2012, Pros and cons of Internet Censorship, viewed 7 September 2012

Politics and the Internet

There are multiple ways that people are able to participate in politics over the internet. Whether its voicing your own opinion or being informed, there are many ways that people can connect and learn about politics via the internet. This weeks topic on “Exploring the Political Possibilities of the internet” opened up my eyes as to how many possibilities there actually are. Just turning 18 I was excited to be able to make a difference through my vote. I was unaware that there were other ways in which I could participate. One way I did find was an e-petition:

Current e-petition's in Queensland <click here

Unfortunataley some of the other ways of participing in politics through the internet would take a lot of knowledge and background information as well as a lot of confidence! Commenting on a blog regarding politics and my political beleifs is something that I would not do. Unless I felt incredibly strongly about it. As I know how strongly some people do feel about their politics and being a shy person, conflict would be the last thing on my mind. However, there are ways in which you are able to contact members of parliament and representatives. For instance e-mailing them, a quick google entry can do the world of good.

Another way is following them, Barack Obama for instance has a twitter account were people are able to follow him. I think this is great as Obama already stands for change. He is a modern man and has adapted to modern society.

The tasks that were asked of us, can be completed without compromising any political beliefs, but as I said above, Politics can be taken very personally. Unless you know all the information it sometimes best to wait before voicing your opinion as it can create great conflict.

The O.J. Simpson Trial

In this weeks tutorial we discussed the trial of O.J. Simpson. This was something I had heard of, but had never really looked into. The trials of O.J. Simpson created great disbelief among many. It was believed that on the 12th June 1994 that O.J. Simpson had murdered his wife Nicole Brown Simpson. All evidence led to O.J. however, his lawyer managed to free him of charges. This shocked many. O.J.’s team were so good that they were labelled the ‘Dream Team’. This is a very brief summary of the happenings of the O.J. Simpson trial.

After discussing the events of the trial in the tutorial, our Professor continued to tell us the effects that the trial had on the people of America. He described one event, that he himself was apart of. The Bronco Chase:

After watching this I was shocked. So many people ran to see what was happening. History was happening. My Professor said he even stood on one of the bridges and watched him drive by.

Linder D 2000, The Trial of Orenthal James Simpson, viewed 5 September 2012, .


Please enjoy my Timeline 🙂 Cyberpunk Timeline <click here

This week in the lecture we discussed “Cyberpunk’ after watching the film ‘Blade Runner’ last week. I now have a fair idea of the genre. This weeks task was to create a timeline, I used ‘Time toast’ a site suggested to us in the lecture. I found it quite easy to make the timeline using this site.

While making a timeline of Cyberpunk history I found it very interesting to learn that the words ‘cyber’ and ‘punk’ were joined together to create something unheard of. Cyber representing ‘technology’ and punk representing ‘individualism’; I found it really interesting finding the meanings behind the two words. It’s an interesting fact.